Projects KSR

February 2016

Revision hydraulic cylinders

February 2016

Hydraulic clamp for a drilling rig

January 2016

Hydraulic piping sluice-gate

May 2015

Fabrication and montage of an heat exchanger on the DP Gezina

April 2015

Mounting rail on top of the Svanen

January 2015

Reparation flaps

October 2014

Hydraulic maintenance gangway

March 2014

Hydraulic operating system

December 2012

Installation and fabrication of seafastenings and cribbing on board of a barge

December 2012

Deckrepair of barge

September 2012

Fabrication and installation of cribbing and seafastening for offshore windmill industry

September 2012

Replacement of hydraulic pipes of a 10000 ts press

February 2012

Stabilizer and stabilizer tube – 22 ts